The Sun & The Cloud EP

“The Sun & The Cloud” was recorded in 2020 at Okapi studio with producer Jan Pohl.
This EP was written in a short period of time, I really felt this collection of songs was special and I hope you feel the same!
This album also features producer Jan Pohl on guitar in the song “Howling”.

Corvin Silvester EP

“My first solo album was recorded in 2016 at Giesound studio and is produced by Guido Aalbers.
Some of these songs were used in the TV series “De Terugkeer”.
At the time I had no decent acoustic guitar and a local singer/songwriter (Anton Swaneveld) gave me the Martin guitar I still play to this very day. This EP is very dear to me, I hope you enjoy these songs as well”

Copperhead County Merchandise

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