Corvin Silvester (in full: Corvin Silvester Keurhorst-van Wees) is a singer and guitarist.

He played at various festivals, on national television, radio and collaborated with producer Guido Aalbers (Bertolf, Miss Montreal), Bernard Gepken (Lohues, Maaike Ouboter) and many others.
He plays on various stages in Europe with the southern rockers of Copperhead County which recently signed a record deal with the Dutch record label Continental Record Services.

A performance by Corvin Silvester consists of a mix of mainly his own work and a single cover, recognizable but performed entirely in his own style.
His music can be categorized as “country-noir”, acoustic songs straight from the heart, sometimes dark, sometimes light, but always honest. Inspired by heroes like Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham and Chris Stapleton, Corvin Silvester sets off armed with more than 2 hours of music, looking for a listening ear.


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